Meme Monday: What can I do for my #sqlfamily?

In the spirit of starting to write more on this blog (good or not), I’m answering Tom LaRock’s call for Meme Monday this month. His question: What do you want to do for your #sqlfamily in 2012?

I’m going to start by doing what I’ve been doing.  For the last couple of years, I’ve been the leader of the local PASS chapter, I-380 PASS. I love that position, and I plan to continue as long as they’ll have me. I’ve also taken an active role in organizing our three SQL Saturdays; assuming we host a SQL Saturday again in 2012, I plan to do that as well.

This is also the year I start to “pay it forward” for all the help the SQL community has given me over the last few years.  First of all, I’ve been given the opportunity at work to mentor some new database professionals. This blog is another piece of that – I intend to actively post here this year. Finally, I want to try my hand at presenting. Getting up in front of the PASS chapter has gotten me over some of my fear of public speaking; it’s time to see if I can take it to the next level. 

The #sqlfamily has given me so much, and I’m forever grateful for that help. Extending my hand to the next generation is the least I can do.


Ed Leighton-Dick helps small and midsize businesses solve their most challenging database performance, resiliency, and data security issues at Kingfisher Data, the consulting firm he founded in 2014. He has taught thousands of people at over 200 events, including the world's largest Microsoft data platform conferences, and he has been a leader in the Microsoft data community since 2008. Microsoft has recognized Ed seven times as a Data Platform MVP for his expertise and service to the data community.