Database Source Control Adoption Challenges and Opportunities

Source control is a way of life for developers – it’s a way of sharing code, of protecting our work, and of saving our bacon when things go wrong.  So why aren’t you using it with your database?  Technology used to be a major issue for many companies – there were few available solutions, so those that did implement database source control had to cobble together their own systems.  That issue has been largely overcome in recent years with the release of lifecycle tools like Red Gate’s.  However, the business challenges remain, and they can be quite intimidating, to say the least.  In this session, I’ll describe some of the challenges I’ve seen, and we’ll discuss how the opportunities that lie beyond make the implementation of source control worthwhile.


Ed Leighton-Dick helps small and midsize businesses solve their most challenging database performance, resiliency, and data security issues at Kingfisher Data, the consulting firm he founded in 2014. He has taught thousands of people at over 200 events, including the world's largest Microsoft data platform conferences, and he has been a leader in the Microsoft data community since 2008. Microsoft has recognized Ed seven times as a Data Platform MVP for his expertise and service to the data community.

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