DevOps+Data: Working with Source Control

DevOps has been an emerging trend in the software development world for the past several years. While the term is relatively new, it is really a convergence of a number of practices that have been evolving for decades. Unfortunately, database development has been left out of much of this movement, but that’s starting to change. As database professionals, we all need to understand what this important change is about, how we fit in, and how to best work database development practices into the established DevOps practices.
One of the cornerstones of the DevOps methodology is source control. When most people think of source control, they picture a tool – either a traditional, centralized system like TFS, or a newer, distributed system like Git. Source control is more than a tool, though; human processes and practices also play a critical role in an effective source control (and DevOps) implementation. In this session, we’ll┬átalk in depth about both types of source control systems and how you can effectively use source control for your databases.

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